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Preston Peace appears in the jovial anthology comic HAH?!, available by mail order from Ownaindi.

The current issue is issue 1.

T shirts and crap

The very first Preston Peace T-shirts are available through RedBubble. Yay! The nifty design by Dillon Naylor is also available on stickers and overpriced travel mugs.

More junk in questionable taste is on the way.

Other things by those guys

Some of Dillon Naylor's collected comics are available from Milk Shadow Books, and more are now available from Bruce Mutard's excellent publishing house Fabliaux. Dillon's cult creation Batrisha The Vampire Girl stars in Batrisha And The Creepy Caretaker, currently a Kickstarter and presumably available later from COMICOZ.

Jason Towers' previously published work can be found in secondhand bookshops and charity shops.


» Trigger warning for the word "crap", appearing in one subheading and in this sentence.