About Preston Peace

Sporting hero. Role model. Dead-set legend.

Preston Peace is a comic strip concerning the adventures of an unusual schoolboy, his friends and the staff at his progressive school. Preston appears in the Australian funnybook HAH?!, beginning with issue 1 in November 2018. Preston Peace was created by Dillon Naylor and Jason Towers. Owen Heitmann does a ton of the art.

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1: "Preston Peace"
Appearing in HAH?! issue 1, available now from Ownaindi.
Concepts, story, art: Dillon.
Concepts, story, script, lettering, colours: Jason.

2: "Bodyline"
Episode 2 was first published in Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi issue 8, published June 2016. Still available from ComicOz.
Concepts: Dillon.
Concepts, script, lettering, colours: Jason.
Art: Owen.

3: "Preston's Fan Club"
Appearing (pending complaints) in HAH?! issue 2 or 3, some time.
By Jason, Owen & Dillon.

Preston's pals

Dillon Naylor — co-creator, co-writer, artist
Dillon has been illustrating for children and cool older people for more than a couple of decades. His creations include cult titles like Batrisha the Vampire Girl, Da 'n' Dill and Pop Culture & 2 Minute Noodles. He lives in rural Victoria, raising children and living the dream.

Jason Towers — co-creator, scriptwriter, letterer, colourist
Jason is a writer and illustrator from regional New South Wales. His comic strip work has appeared in Australian MAD Magazine, Whacka!, Pop Culture & 2 Minute Noodles, and the Sydney Sun-Herald. Oh, and HAH?! too.

Owen Heitmann — artist
Owen is a prolific comic creator from Adelaide. His comics have appeared in anthologies including The Tango Collection (Allen & Unwin) and Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends (Hic & Hoc). He has written for The Australian, The Age, and the Sydney Morning Herald. We totally ripped this bio off from the National Young Writers Festival 2016 where Owen appeared as a guest. See Owen's comics at Amplified Press.

HAH?! is a new home-grown Australian humour anthology with an all-star lineup of writers and illustrators, and Jason. You can order a copy from the renowned online purveyor of such things, Ownaindi.


Preston Peace is fiction. The characters and situations are made up. Any resemblance to persons living, living-impaired or otherwise is purely coincidental.

Illustrations used throughout this website are by Dillon Naylor. Unless we use some of Owen's art and forget to mention it.